Nicki Hinton-Jones
By Nicki Hinton-Jones on June 28, 2022

Get DFM access to Dimensional’s Core & Core+ Wealth models with Timeline Portfolios

These portfolios are offered alongside the full suite of our models and advisers using the DFM will also benefit from Timeline’s leading financial planning software as part of the package*. The popular Core Wealth & Core+ Wealth Models, designed by Dimensional Fund Advisors, are highly regarded by advisers and offer six combinations of equity and fixed income, ranging from 100% fixed income to 100% equity.

A stress-free investment proposition

Historically, advisers have had to manage these models themselves under their own permissions, and undertake rebalancing in line with quarterly updates from Dimensional. With Timeline Portfolios (formerly Betafolio) offering the models as discretionary managed portfolios, advisers can benefit from Dimensional’s research-driven, systematic framework, without all the time, risk and cost associated with running the portfolios themselves.

Nicki Hinton-Jones CFA, our CIO will have full oversight and will manage all the risk and rebalancing in collaboration with Dimensional, giving advisers a Central Investment Proposition they can rely on.

Widely available across multiple platforms

All the models on Timeline Portfolios, including these Dimensional portfolios, are available across 17 platforms making these previously conceptual models an easily accessible reality for the majority of advisers.

Ed Carey, our Chief Commercial Officer, explains:

We’re over the moon that we can announce this partnership with Dimensional. Betafolio has a natural synergy with Dimensional through our closely aligned investment philosophies. This combination of investment expertise and cutting edge technology is a truly compelling option for advisers looking to streamline their business, reduce costs for themselves and their clients, and reduce risk - all while creating excellent client outcomes.

Sam Whybrow, Chartered Financial Planner at Thanks Wealth Planning, explains:

It has been around five months since I switched to Betafolio. More and more now I am convinced Timeline and Betafolio is the only solution I should be using. Betafolio has been a revelation and Timeline is a revolutionary tool that helps me to explain difficult concepts to clients in a meaningful way. Coupled together they are a dynamite solution. I couldn’t do without either. Plus, all the staff I have met are tremendous.

John Romiza, Co-CEO Dimensional Fund Advisors Ltd, adds:

Dimensional has worked with some of the most innovative and successful advice firms around the world for more than 30 years. Betafolio’s investment approach is very close to Dimensional’s and it’s great to be able to work with people that can make our models available to more of those forward-thinking advisers.

Betafolio and Dimensional are touring the UK

This April, May and June, with their roadshow, entitled: Reimagining Financial Advice to fit an ever-changing world. Find out more here

*Subject to minimum criteria.
Published by Nicki Hinton-Jones June 28, 2022
Nicki Hinton-Jones