Abraham Okusanya
By Abraham Okusanya on August 25, 2022

It’s time for Timeline! Timeline becomes the single brand for Betafolio & Timeline

In order to underpin our ambitious plans for the future, we’ve decided to unify Betafolio and Timeline under one brand - Timeline.

This helps us reflect that our mission is to support financial advisers and their clients via a single brand.

We’re changing the way we present ourselves to help more people understand what we do and how we can help. You’ll start to notice a few changes to the branding of our services over the coming weeks.

From Wednesday 7th September 2022, you’ll start to see Timeline referred to as Timeline Planning and Betafolio as Timeline Portfolios.

Our new website will be delivered on a new domain name, www.timeline.co where you will be able to log in as usual with your existing log-in details. This website will also go live on 7th September 2022. Our old websites will redirect you to this new website from date.

Please be assured that these changes will not mean there is any disruption or changes to our service to you, or your existing agreements. Your existing log-ins and access will continue to serve your needs as per today and you will not experience any interruptions.

The changes are being implemented to bring clarity, demonstrating that both our planning software and low-cost MPS are part of our wider offering to support Financial Advisers and firms - and are delivered by the same passionate team.

We believe this change will help us to deliver our mission and messages with clarity, and to develop our product more very effectively. Fundamentally, it’s the same great tech underpinning the same great team and service.

Abraham Okusanya
Founder & CEO

Published by Abraham Okusanya August 25, 2022
Abraham Okusanya