By Gonzalo Podgaesky on January 30, 2023

New features and improvements released: Property, Mortgages & Cashflow Chart

Properties and mortgages are key components of any investment portfolio, and our new features make it easier to track and analyse. The mortgage management tool allows you to track and analyse all of your clients' mortgages, including interest rates and remaining balances. These features provide a deeper level of insight into your client's overall financial situation and can help you identify potential risks or opportunities for optimisation.

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In addition to these new features, we've made significant improvements to our cashflow chart. A basic understanding of cash flow is crucial for any financial adviser, as it provides insight into the inflow and outflow of money in a client's life. Our new chart makes it easy to track and analyse cash flow, with detailed views of income and expenses and clear visualisations of the overall financial health of your client.

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These new updates enable you to offer your clients more comprehensive advice and help them make more informed investment decisions. Want to learn more? Thomas Hogg, Product Lead at Timeline, provides a 5-minute introduction to the new features in this video


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Published by Gonzalo Podgaesky January 30, 2023