Tom Newbould
By Tom Newbould on June 17, 2022

Timeline uncovers the nation's retirement concerns and financial planning gap

Our study has already been featured in many of the National news titles this week, including The Independent, Wales Online, The Daily Express, as well as a host of regional media sites.

The research uncovers how individuals hope to enjoy retirement sooner rather than later - and how much money they will need to live comfortably.

And while the findings show large numbers have started planning for the future, there is a surprising number of people who haven’t considered their later life plans - with 71% fearing early retirement is way out of reach.

Did you know…

Only 27% have sought counsel from a financial adviser about their retirement plan

Is early retirement really possible?

The research from Timeline and conducted by OnePoll suggests there are two clear camps - those who have their eye on the prize when it comes to retiring early, and those who can’t bear to think about it, let alone look at it.

Not to mention the gender pension gap which plays a controversial factor in reaching retirement - being 17% at the beginning of women’s careers, it reaches 56% by retirement age.

The need for sound financial advice

The research highlighted that many people are confused by pensions, retirement planning, and what to do about it. Surprisingly, many people had received no guidance from a financial adviser or financial planner. It’s clear that without the right advice or guidance, this topic is likely to be very confusing for many.

The message from Timeline is clear: it’s never too early to start planning, or too late to improve, your financial future with the support of a financial adviser, who in turn is supported by our own financial planning software. These changes can be made to make your retirement more comfortable and sustainable.

Timeline recently announced it was powering The Investing Show, a new freely available broadcast to help people with their investment decisions, while also continuing to deliver Retirementals to further support the UK’s 10 million retirementals.

We’re on a mission to help drive change and ease the stress of retirement. Want to find out more? Discover our latest research here or get in touch.

Published by Tom Newbould June 17, 2022
Tom Newbould